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Monday, March 24, 2014

Philosophical Question: Just for fun

If you could time travel within your life:

What age would you go to and why?

I'm curious to know you're answers. Go ahead and send them to me here.

I'd go back to my teenage years, and convince myself that I wasn't as fat as I felt like I was. Then I'd make sure that I didn't get any fatter. I'd also give myself some sage advice about woman. (I could do that because it wouldn't impact my future at all. I'd tell me to stay single as long as you can. Don't get married until you meet a woman you can't live without. Which is what I did.)


Sherri Alexander said...

This is a question I have actually pondered a time or two myself. Unfortunately it leaves me with more questions than I started with: Do I get to go back in time with the knowledge I have now? Does History have to repeat itself? How will making a change to my past affect who I am today?

So if I do get to go back for a "redo" with all the knowledge I have now. I go back to the morning I broke my neck and neck. But if History is forced to repeat itself I go to that first true love kiss. If I go back without knowledge and not knowing if I will change anything, send me to a day full of laughter and play.

Vicki Groves said...
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Vicki Groves said...

At first I thought I'd go back to my teen years and tell myself that I really am a person who deserves love, and that the time to stop running was then...but I realize that without where I have been and who I was then, I wouldn't be where I am now. Realizing that, I wouldn't go to any past or future time of my life. The past is where it belongs, and the future should always be a mystery waiting to be discovered.