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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New study show's who's actually benefiting most from this economy

Here's a rare political post, but I can't help it. This is the kind of thing that the media should be all over and I'm posting it here because I bet it takes them a month or even two to mention it. And I do mean mention it. Not do a story on it, or probe it deeper. Just a brief mention or two, if at all.

Below is a sample of the story but you'll have to read the original at Investor Business Daily. But in short, the top 100 US Corporations are sectioning off certain divisions and then getting Small Business Association loans. So Uncle Sam has been funneling money to giant corporations. You remember. Those evil corporations the left was going to protect us from? Somehow, the opposite is happening. Hmm.

A $1.2 Tril Corporate Welfare State Lurks In U.S. Budget

Among our findings:  
  • $1.22838 trillion in The Federal Transfer™ spending (FY2000-2012) flowed to Fortune 100 companies - an average of $12.2 billion per corporation. 
  • 1.73%, or $21.277 billion, flowed to the Fortune 100 in the form of grants, direct payments, loans, farm susidies or insurance payments. The Fortune 100 each collected an average total of $212.77 million of federal dollars outside of contracts and should not be underestimated.
  • The Federal Transfer™ into the Fortune 100 doubled during the eight years of the Bush Administration (FY2000- $59.820 billion; FY2008- $118.511 billion), but has been roughly flat during the first four years under the Obama administration (FY2009- $123.46 billion; FY2012- $124.055 billion). 

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