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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drinking Water

Ok, I'm a fan of water. I haven't always been. I used to drink nothing but Mt Dew, LOL. I have aged and with age comes both wisdom and a creaking body loaded down with extra pounds. So about 15 years ago I went on a health kick. About the only thing that really stuck with me from that was drinking water. Increasing my water intake made a huge difference in how I felt and what I weighed. I've been throw a few health kicks since, and I'm about ready to start another, but at least I've got a well established habit of drinking water. Actually, that's about all I drink with the exception of a cup of coffee each morning and some tea throughout the day.

As a survival thing though, water is the crucial first step. When the you know what hits the fan the clock starts rolling on the things which must be done. Everyone knows water has the most urgent timeline of 3 days. I want to reinforce though, death is on day 3. Day two isn't fun. So even if you're not a conspiracy whack or a survivalist nut, like me, you need to plan what your are going to do for water if things go sideways even for a few days. This is basic preparation. The video below goes into some info on the topic. I strongly recommend Simple Safety. I have attended classes by Marcy Mains and I own both the water bottle she mentions and some of the packets. I like doing business with them and the quality of their products. You can find all this stuff yourself and test out everything yourself, but they've done it all for you.

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