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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eco Nuts??

Anyone who knows me, knows Eco nuts drive me nuts. It's not that I want to destroy the environment--I don't even litter--its that I keep running into pop ecologists who've so lost their connection to reality that they do more harm than good. Seriously, for every greedy, corporate overlord who dumps toxic waste into a stream there are a hundred angry, vocal, ill-informed radicals bending the ears of ignorant politicians and activist judges. This later group comes up with regulations that stifle the economy, put people out of work and spend millions of tax-payer dollars to warp how people shop and do little to improve the environment.

Now I'll revisit this issue with some specifics later, but my goals is to keep this blog full of fun and amazing things (and whenever I rant about things like the billion dollar windmills in the gorge that have a lifespan of 20 years but won't show a return on investment for 25, people think I'm just anti windmill, which I'm not. I think they work great for pumping water and we should have them pump water from below the dams to above it.) Therefore I'll just point to people who are doing it right.

I've been following Trackers Earth for several years and I've read many of their manifestos. Standing next to me they are total hippies, none the less they are authentic to their passion. They aren't trying to convert you to some green religion where mankind is a disease and we must all have a zero carbon footprint or some ice melting ragnaroc will doom us all to the death we so richly deserve. These guys actually research their wilderness lore and believe if you actually spend time in nature you'll like it and respect it, and just maybe your stress levels will go down.

These are mind kind of nature nerds. They don't take themselves too seriously and that always garners my respect. So check them out.

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