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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inner Man

I'm a firm believer in adventure, and living life. My philosophy has led to some interesting understandings of myself and the world around me. I began a blog, well I began 5, but two of them dealt with my adventures on the Spiritual front. I think the deepest adventures we can take on are delving within. In fact, much of what we do in the way of physical adventure is for the purpose of testing our mettle, finding the answer to the question, "what am I made of?"

I thought long and hard about the content I wanted to migrate over here, now that I'm going to focus on just this blog. I can't avoid discussing the adventure within even though it will put off some readers who want to be entertained without anything deeper. I want this blog to record real life. It must be authentic to the world as I'm learning to see it, which includes a deeper reality. Toward that end here's a blog by a buddy of mine named Sam. He works with Gary Barkalow of His writing in this blog is awesome and it reminds me of another book by Janice Seeney called, "Reality Exercises for the Inner Man," which inspired a book I wrote called, "On Becoming a Man" which I hope to publish this fall.

So for those of you with little tolerance for Spiritual stuff, I beg your long suffering and know that it'll continue to be one of several threads that have converged on Fun, Amazing, But never fear I'll continue to collect crazy and amazing things from my adventures and the things I run across on these interwebs.

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