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Friday, March 16, 2012

Walking Adventure

Adventure is one of the key things that keeps us alive. I used to see people on TV having adventures and wonder when I'd get to have an adventure. Then I'd turn around and face a giant problem and complain that my life sucked. Somewhere in there I got a clue. My entire life is now an adventure. It is what you make of it. The difference between a life of suffering and Martyrdom, and a life of grand adventure is perspective. The good news is that adventure can also bring perspective making it self perpetuating. I encourage every one of us to take a moment today to re-imagine your life in terms of adventure.

For me, adventure takes on many definitions. I've been to Alaska and Mexico in the same year by bus. I've spent a month in England studying history. I sang for my supper and ran from drug dealers in Canada. And so much more. One of the biggest adventures I took on was writing my first novel. For reasons I don't have space to go into in this installment, writing a novel was about the hardest thing I've done in my life. Harder than college, harder than pneumonia, harder than spending a night alone in the woods. We must challenge ourselves or we shrivel up just a little bit.

Here's a guy who knows what it's all about.

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