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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Plan (Part 3): Project Hopper & ADOS

This is where we get into some of the nitty gritty. I'm slowly but surely writing a book on organization. I'm not naturally good at being organized, but I'm passionate about it. So I've devised a number of systems to stay organized over the years and I the newest version has been the most exciting and revolutionary to date.

It starts off with ADOS, or Action Driving Organization System. This is my Implementation of David Allen's GTD or getting things done system. I love Allen's system but felt there were places I needed to tweak it. Actually, I implemented it 3 times with my own tweaks--each one significantly closer to the GTD advice. (Imagine that, the expert actually new better than me, but I have to do things the hard way sometimes.) Well that's before I read the Power of Full Engagement. Which impacts how I view things.

I'm also inspired by Julie Morganstern's book, "Organizing from the Inside Out." Eli Goldratt's book, "The Goal." And Tim Farris' book "The Four Hour Work Week." So you roll all that together and you've got a lot to incorporate. Needless to say, this portion is going to be an Opus. It's not perfect or complete, and it won't get there this year, I've got other priorities. But if you want to follow my path, read the books linked here.

As for Project Hopper. I'm working with a programmer friend as I write the book. We're hoping to release a program to aid folks following the system. I've been working from a mock up in excel and it's remarkably effective. So I'll tell more about this if people comment and ask for it. Basically, here's a screen shot to give you an idea.

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