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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to Handle Common Car Issues

At least some of this advice is old news, but it's worth reviewing it again with winter being what it is this year.


This post originally appeared on The Family Handyman. Copyright © 2010 The Family Handyman magazine. All Rights Reserved.P
When you're dealing with roadside emergencies, it's always better to have a plan of attack than a panic attack. A few simple preparations, including an inexpensive emergency kit, will get you through most breakdowns and accidents. You're already familiar with the standard kit you hear about every fall, which includes a blanket, candy bars, a candle, and all that other stuff. That kit is a good idea. But there are a few additional items you should stock in every vehicle you own, along with this guide. By the way, seriously consider joining a roadside assistance plan. Even seasoned mechanics aren't too proud to belong to one. One tow or a jump start on a freezing day and the annual fee will pay for itself.P

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