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Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Plan (Part 4): Writing Goals

2013 didn't accomplish all that I'd planned for it, but I got more done (by far) than I would have without a plan. For example, I planned to lose 5lbs a month for 60lbs on the year. I actually lost 44lbs and I'm still shrinking. I planned to be a month or two away from taking a book tour, but instead I got married for the first time in 40 decades of living. AND I planned to write and publish 3 books in 2013. Instead I helped two other people publish books and I moved several projects forward but not to completion.

So 2014 is my big year. I think I've got the plan, the motivation, the resources, and the training to get three books out this year. (It's going to take a miracle).

Here's a brief recap of the plan, which hasn't changed too much since I updated it last November.

March 17th (Soft deadline) I'll publish Denny's Tales: 21st Century Midnight Mythology. This is my anthology of short stories I wrote. The theme is a group of people at an all night diner who tell stories to entertain each other, like in A Canterbury Tales. This has been a joy to work on. I love having the project broken into the right size of chunks and I love how clean and ready most of my short stories are. This is going to make a great additional seller at marketing events.

June 15th (Soft deadline) I've elected to publish my mystery thriller next, Footless and Fancy Free: A Vancouver Scooter Club Mystery. I made this decision for two main reasons 1) it's totally drafted and should be the next closest project to completion. 2) I have been dying to open a second genre and mystery/thriller has a huge market size. Plus I've always just wanted to write a mystery. I tried and came up with a thriller, but it's what I'm going with. This is another exciting project. It'll be a miracle if I can keep that deadline because June looks to be a crazy month. We'll see.

December 5th (Hard deadline) I will publish the sequel to Suffering Rancor. This is another huge thing to commit to because I know how busy the second half of my year will be and I haven't finished the draft stage of this novel. In fact I have a couple novels much closer to complete but it's been too long since book one and the series needs some traction.

I can't even begin to explain how aggressive this schedule is considering the other things that are going on. Pray for me. Please!

Okay tomorrow's installment will address my re-branding. I will be re-branding and vastly improving my marketing engine and I've got some great incites into the direction that will take. See you all tomorrow.

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